Regulate Florida

Mission Statement

The mission of Sensible Florida is to create a practical and enforceable framework for adult use of marijuana. Through a program of regulation and education, we will limit access to minors, prevent abuse and curtail driving while impaired. We will enable the creation of jobs and allow consenting and informed adults to choose to use cannabis responsibly rather than be labeled as criminals. while reducing the use of limited law enforcement resources.

After Colorado voters approved the responsible use of cannabis by adults in the 2012 election (Amendment 64) their state's tourism sharply increased, under age usage of marijuana went down, the economy grew significantly stronger, and the crime rate decreased.


Print, Sign, and Mail the Petition

You can print the petition on either two double-sided sheets of paper or four separate sheets. Then staple them in the proper order and be sure to fill in all of the required fields.

Be sure to fill in all required fields so that your petition will count. Leaving any required field blank will nullify your petition so double-check to make sure everything is completed.

Next, print out copies for friends and family. Make sure they also sign and mail to:

Sensible Florida Inc

PO Box 25850

Tamarac, FL 33320


It takes good money to change bad laws. And lots of it. We need your help and we welcome your support. Together we'll do whatever it takes to improve some really bad laws. Once and for all.

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